Granite North

Granite is a very hard stone which is formed at a very high temperature deep within the earth sphere. Its polish is not subjected to engraving via use of domestic acids, or scratch through knives and pans or pots. It is unaffected by typical kitchen heat, like, spilled liquid or hot pans. Granite repairs are possible however they require experienced stonemasons for the repair work. The majority of granite does not need any sort of maintenance or sealing at all. Our Granite range gets constantly updated every now and then. Thus, to experience the full collection of granite, we invite you to our site where you may have a look at varied colors and styles of granite.

Granite South

For thousands of years, south granites are extensively being used as a decorative stone, a dimension stone, an architectural stone and as a construction material. It has also been used for manufacturing a wide range of products.

Granite is used in bridges, buildings, monuments, paving, and several other exterior projects. Tiles, polished granite slabs are used in tile floors, countertops, stair treads and various other design elements. Granite is one among the most sought after natural stones that are globally used by the architects in projects for portraying an impression of quality and elegance. Some of the varieties of south granite are as follows: